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About Flyberta

Once a Student, Always a Student.

Flyberta was founded by Will Betzner and Harry Osler, two university students with a strong passion for fly fishing, a dedication to conservation, and a shared vision to make the sport more accessible. After realizing there was a lack of flexible and casual fly fishing lessons, they began offering 1-on-1 sessions during the unprecedented summer of 2020. 

With over 20 years of fly fishing experience between Will and Harry, Flyberta provides individualized instruction and support to students from all backgrounds and skill levels. Contact us with questions or to learn more!


Will Betzner

Co-Founder, Lead Instructor

As the Co-Founder of Flyberta alongside Harry, Will uses his passion and excitement in fly fishing to deliver an outstanding learning experience for fly fishers of all skill levels. Will has been fly fishing since 2013, and has extensive experience on the Bow River, its surrounding tributaries, and many of the alpine lakes in the area. Starting in his backyard along the Bow River, he first had the idea for Flyberta in the summer of 2020 after teaching many friends, family and neighbours the basics of fly fishing in a 1-on-1 relaxed setting. From there, he approached Harry with the idea for an inclusive, chill and down-to-earth fly fishing instruction and guiding company. Outside of fly fishing, Will currently attends the University of Calgary, taking a Masters of Neuroscience where he conducts research into strokes and dementia. His passion for the outdoors extends to other sports as well, as he routinely goes sport climbing, hiking and skiing.

Harry Osler

Co-Founder, Lead Instructor

As the Co-Founder of Flyberta alongside Will, Harry uses his depth of knowledge in fly fishing and enjoyment for coaching others to pass along what he has learned throughout his life of fly fishing. He began fly fishing at 8 years old by floating the Bow River with his Dad, and over the past 15 years has spent countless hours in a drift boat on the Bow or in the backcountry of the eastern slopes of Alberta. Like Will, Harry has spent a lot of time teaching friends and family, so when discussions of an instruction and guiding company first started he was all over it. 


Laren Pritchard

Brand Manager

Laren's journey into fly fishing kicked off in 2018, and she's been hooked ever since! Despite being new to the sport, she's fallen in love with the beauty and all the challenges fly fishing throws her way. Growing up skiing, the Rocky Mountains are like a second home to Laren. That love for adventure and the outdoors runs deep, and when she started fishing, it was like seeing her snowy playground in a whole new light.

Now, as part of the Flyberta crew, Laren's bringing her background in graphic design and photography as well as her outdoor know-how to the table. Her knack for blending design and photography with the peaceful vibes of fly fishing not only amps up her own fun but also adds a cool vibe to the whole Flyberta design and website.

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